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Extensive customer research revealed that the most important system features for fleet managers were response time and reporting speed. The Digit system has been designed from the ground up to provide the best performance using our unique ‘Off-Line’ concept. Almost every software feature can be used completely Off-Line, so you are are not limited by bandwidth, connection speed and availability. For the first time ever the total management of your fleet is totally in your hands, available at your fingertips, saving you money and freeing your time to run your business.



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The Fleet Management and vehicle tracking industry is very progressive, with requirements, specifications and add-on features changing continuously. Stay on top of all the software changes and hardware modifications by adding your contact information to our mailing list. If the Digit Fleet Management System provides the solutions for your fleet management requirements, please request a free quotation. If you wish to join the Digit team as a Reseller, or want to know more, you are welcome to click here and ask for additional information.


Diesel is "Liquid Gold"

If you own a company truck you are probably a victim of fuel theft.



Get your FUEL LEVELS REMOTELY sent to you pc every 30 seconds while moving.



RECEIVE AN SMS if fuel gets taken out of you vehicle while stationary.










Digit recognizes that we are involved in a rapidly evolving technology

Our modern ideas and up to date approach to design and strategy, as well as our immediate response to changing circumstances, means we are able to deliver the best technology at the best price. Our policy is to strive for complete customer satisfaction, which will ensure that Digit will not be a grudge purchase, but will contribute to your business success by delivering savings well beyond its cost and management effort.



Key Features:
- Live Fuel monitor
- Live Track vehicles
- Complete electronic logbook
- Tracking with GPS accuracy
- Plot trips & view total kilometres
- Daily, weekly & monthly Trip Reports
- TAG reading option for multiple drivers
- View braking, acceleration & speeding
- Expense management and total control
- Mostly offline system that saves history to your local PC memory drive